October Miscellany: Helicopters on the A14, Suffolk - 7th October 2010

On the way to work one morning, we're held up on the A14 for a while as it's closed in order to let the air ambulance land on the carriageway. It's there to attend a quite spectacular crash in the other direction, involving two cars on their roofs - one in the middle of the road and the other on the verge. It's not every day that you get to see an actual helicopter parked on the A14. Elsewhere, Nosher's looking after Fred for the day, as The Boy has The Pox (of the chicken variety). So we head over to Thornham Walks in the van to wander about for a bit and point at stuff (in Fred's case, at least).

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The East Anglian Air Ambulance, parked on the A14 at Six Mile Bottom
An inquisitive cow
Pastoral scene, and munching moos
Fred roams about in the walled garden
Big tree
Some variety of tits peck at peanuts
Flying tit action (giggle)
Fred on the swings
Isobel feeds the ducks
A duck gets in close to steal bread
On Mere Street, Ladbrokes the bookies relocates to the centre of town
Isobel and The Boy
As we cycle back from Eye, across the fields, there's a nice hazy view of the sun, low in the sky
Isobel does a bit of "off roading"

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