Twenty Years at The Swan

Alan and Sylvia celebrate 20 years at the helm of Nosher's local. The theme is The Eighties, especially 1983 (coincidentally the year I left school). Nosher's "DJ Shagz" alias is on the decks, and thoroughly enjoys spinning all those old-skool classics.

Cazzer, Sue and Waves discuss the music for the night. The Boy Phil "rests" his eyes

Apple shows off his "You Cannot Be Serious" headband

Apple and DH at the bar

Pip reveals where most of the world's aluminium output for 2003 ended up with a dramatic spangly top

Cheese on a stick

Rainey and Ian - the latter featuring as am impressive Adam Ant

Nosher's shirt, although plain-looking, is actually a genuine 1985 edition, from his very own wardrobe (and it still fits, just!)

Claire vets the tunez

A mini Roy Keane, who has occupied a slot on the ceiling for the past few years, falls out of his lofty perch

Ewww! Bill's pits

Bill entertains the crowd with the good ol' "stuff balloons up your top to look like breasts" gag

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