Patatas Canarias (Papas Arrugadas)

[recipe] Tiny, wrinkly and salty potatoes from the Canary Islands, traditionally cooked in seawater. Often served with a spicy piquant red sauce called Mojo Rojo. -- 450g miniature waxy potatoes 3 heaped desertspoons of sea salt -- Put the potatoes in a pan and just cover with water. Add the salt Cover with a lid and simmer vigorously for 15 minutes until tender Drain any remaining water and return to the hob on a very low heat, cover with the lid slightly ajar, and warm for a further 12-15 minutes - the aim is to dry the potatoes whilst leaving a thin layer of salt on their skins. Shake the pan occasionally to help the skins wrinkle up -- Serve with Mojo Rojo as a side dish, or part of a Spanish Tapas selection. [end]