A Trip to Thorpeness, and a Norwich Gig, Suffolk and Norfolk - 9th January 2011

Nosher and Isobel get a spur-of-the-moment baby sitter so we could head off to Norwich for a gig at the Norwich Arts Centre. It's the band "The Miserable Rich", as championed by Marc Riley off of BBC 6 Music, and they are most excellent in what is a very intimate gig. As an encore, they unplug and jump off the stage for a couple of numbers with the crowd. Nosher and Isobel are right at the front and so it's like having a personal performance. Magic. The next day, we hook up with Clive and Suzanne for a trip over to Thorpeness on the coast near Sizewell, taking the van for a spin. Thorpeness, despite being only 4 miles away from the oft-visited Aldeburgh, is hitherto unexplored, and the weather is excellent (for January, at least). Afterwards, it's back for dinner and a chance for Amelia and Fred to run around like lunatics for a couple of hours.

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Firt on support at the Norwich Arts Centre: Ethan Ash
Second up: Tristram
The Miserable Rich do their excellent thing
More "Miserable Rich" action
The sound desk at the Norwich Arts Centre after the gig
Fred the Head in Mere Moments Café, Diss
Buggies are extracted from the vans
Thorpeness clapper-board houses
A bunch of swans
The iconic "House in the Clouds" and the Thorpeness windmill
Contra-jour beach-front houses
Amelia and Ellie on the beach
Ellie, Amelia and Suzanne mess about
A rusted steel rope on the beach
Fishermen on the beach
Amelia and Fred hold hands on the beach
Amelia and Clive
Clive, Isobel, Suzanne, Fred, Ellie and Amelia sit on the driftwood log
Nosher and Isobel
Walkers on the beach
Fred runs around by a digger
Nosher casts a very long shadow
A picnic by the vans
Fred pokes about in the van

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