Maurice Mustang's Open Day, Norfolk - 17th October 2010

It's Maurice's end-of-the-season secret open-day, near Hardwick in the depths of Norfolk. Seeing as we were meant to be down south, but weren't, it was an opportunity too good to miss to take the Boy, Isobel and the van over to get a good close-up of a pair of P-51 Mustangs and other miscellaneous aircraft. DH is there too, to offer cups of tea and a bit of "access all areas" in the pleasant autumn sunshine.

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P-51 Mustang "Janie" takes off on a sortie
Fred and Isobel
There are a few military vehicles milling around
Isobel and Fred wander about
A Ford hot-rod
Inside the aircraft hanger
Janie taxis up the runway for another flight
Marinell follows behind with another passenger
Inspecting the radial engine of a Stearman
A Pratt and Whitney engine
Fred trundles about in the hangar
DH's head pops out above Janie as he helps a passenger in
Maurice climbs in to Marinell
Marinell fires up
Janie and Marinell, props idling
Janie heads down the runway for take-off
Menwhile, we take Fred to look at the nearby pigs
Pig city
Isobel and Fred in front of Janie
Fred runs around pretending to be an aeroplane
Nosher runs about with Fred
Marinell in the evening sun
Janie, the Mustang
Marinell and Janie watch the setting sun

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