Norwich By Train, Norfolk - 16th October 2010

Fred Likes Trains. And so, for a change of pace, we decide to get the train up to Norwich instead of driving. In fact it turns out to be a much more free-form day as a result, what with not having to think about whenever the car park is about to run out where you then get hassled for £60 by The Man for the privilege of being late. We have a mini spree (of the shopping variety), have lunch in Wagamama (the sort of place that does nice food and where you don't have to worry if The Boy makes a racket), and observe some strange dancing activities, as hosted by the BBC, going on nearby.

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Fred builds a tower out of Duplo
Isobel helps out with the teetering tower
The lego tower keels over and lands on Isobel's head - she saves Boris the cat
Fred on the train to Norwich
The pelican-crossing dude loves vodka. Apparently.
Lunchtime in Wagamama
Outside, some "strictly-dancing"-themed shenanigans occur
The BBC's "Strictly Come Dancing" pod
Autumn trees at the Maddermarket, Norwich
The refurbished market
A derelict Japanese restaurant, Prince of Wales Road, Norwich
A derelict "curry" place, Prince of Wales Road
The attractive Victorian roof of Norwich Station
Crowds mill around on the platform of Norwich Station
Isobel and Fred on the train. Fred eats.
Fred looks at Nosher from behind a bottle of water

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