The Aldeburgh Food Festival, Snape Maltings, Suffolk - 25th September 2010

Isobel and Fred are off on Dublin (on the dy of Fred's 2nd birthday, no less) so Nosher is at a loose end. Marc had happened to mention the night before up the pub that it was the Aldeburgh Food Festival this weekend, and so that fitted the bill perfectly.

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A VW "splittie" is converted into a chilli-dispensing van
Chilli fron Mendlesham
Monster queues wait for sausages and bacon
Crowds mill around
A house almost entirely covered in virginia creeper
The reeds of the Alde Estuary
A carving, of which part reads "stand by your cat"
People roam about in the reeds
Barbara Hepworth sculpture at Snape
A glimpse of Snape Maltings as seen through the Hepworth installation "Family of Man"
Sponsored boardwalk
The river Alde
Inside the largest ex-maltings, coverted to an auditorium
A quintet practices its thing
A small girl plays the tubular bells
A really cool tubular bells installation
An old dude knocks out a tune on the tubular bells
Bright and clear after a downpour
A sign points the way in (on the way out)

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