The Campervan's First Trip, and other stories, Suffolk - 8th August 2010

The recently-acquired campervan gets its first proper (test) outing, over to the coast at Dunwich and then down to Aldeburgh for fish'n'chips. It's just as well, as we discover several missing things from the quartermaster's inventory - most importantly being matches to light the cooker. D'oh. Still, it's a nice day out, and the learning experience is useful.

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On Thursday night, The Boy Phil and Isobel cycle from the Thorndon Black Horse over to Occold
Colin in the Beaconsfield Arms
The bike club massive
Down in Diss, Fred gets a go in a real Fire Engine
Fred scopes out the flight deck of the Norfolk Fire Service fire engine. There are lots of buttons to press...
The lads on the fire engine mill around
Down on Dunwich beach - Isobel and Fred
Isobel looks out over the marshes at Dunwich
Isobel climbs to the top of the shingle embankment to look at the sea
Our camper van: a 1987 VW T25 (or Type 4)
Isobel lounges around outside the van
Apocalyptic signs
Fred and Isobel in the back of the van
A couple of winch huts, and a fishing boat, on Dunwich beach
Derelict winching machinery
The top of a Lister engine
Rusty metal
Fred pokes around in Nosher's seat
Fred and Isobel on Aldeburgh sea wall

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