Nosher's Stag Weekend: Paintball and Lymington, Hampshire - 22nd May 2010

It's Nosher's Stag weekend, so The Boy Phil drives Nosher and a few of the lads down to the New Forest for a spot of paintball, followed by a hang-out at Sean's, a great Indian nosh-up at The Jarna in Old Milton (somewhere Nosher hadn't been to since the 80s) and then a few beers in Lymington. There was something of a moment as we witnessed a strangely-packed train leave Lymington station, on the other side of the river. It turns out it was the last-ever running of the old rolling stock - the vintage of which Nosher used to get every day to 6th-form college at Brockenhurst from '83-'85. A pang of nostalgia, indeed, as the train trundled along with its lights reflecting off the river. After various pubs, we end up in Lymo's classic sticky-carpet "night club" for a while. The following day, on the way back, we stop off at a pub Nosher first had a beer in at the age of 14 - the Plough Inn in Tiptoe, near Sway.

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First up, the small pile of mugs in the foreground is delivered to Taptu in the boxes behind. Staggering.
The first stop on the journey down south is to South Mimms services on the M25. Aparently, "hot food" is for sale here
The lads do a kind of "Abbey Road" thing at South Mimms
Simon, Sean and Hamish are already kitted up at paintball
From Hamish's camera: Sean, Nosher, The Boy Phil and Bill in full camo
Marc and Phil
Marc wanders over in a kind of "war is hell" stylie
The "stags" and best men are stuck in a shed whilst the rest of the group is told how to shoot hell out 'em
Paintball action
After the event, Sean, Simon and Hamish mill around
Group photo
Bill shows off his frankly staggering war-wounds
Hanging out in Sean's conservatory
Phil has a go at tormenting Holy the cat
Nosher gets to iron everyone's shirt for some reason
Marc and The Boy Phil play Mario-kart on the Wii
Hamish, Bill and Marc in The Jarna
Sean and Nosher
Marc moons out of Hamish sprog-hauler
Hamish drives us out of New Milton
Down near the quay at Lymington
Hamish, Bill and Phil
Marc pops his head over the wall
Hamish checks his mobile
Marc has a fag
Bill looks around as The Boy Phil falls asleep for a bit
Towards Lymington Quay
The lads cross the road
At Barton-on-Sea, Marc stares over the cliff
Bill and Marc sit on the rocks at Barton on Sea
The Boy Phil takes a photo
Like iguanas soaking up sunlight
Flowers on the cliff
More flowers
In The Plough Inn, at Tiptoe
Phil and Marc in the Plough
Jon H's mother appears
Bill and Nosher

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