March Miscellany, Suffolk, Norfolk and Cambridgeshire - 17th March 2010

The demolition project on the Cambridge Science Park continues; Fred gets to star in a photography studio in Norwich; we have dinner with Janet & James over in Linton in Cambridgeshire

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The building undergoing demolition continues to look like it's been blown up rather than disassembled
The digger lurks in the middle of its destructive lair
Fred roams around in a studio
Fred in a café in Norwich
A disturbing-looking streak of brown liquid drips down a wall in Norwich
Grafitto'd door
Some, er, "bright" clothing
The bleak reality of an underground car park
A discarded plastic chair at the derelict Ranch Diner in Tasburgh, Norfolk
An overturned counter in the Ranch Diner
The Ranch Diner's logo, starkly rendered in black-and-white
An optimistic "Let By" sign, abandoned on the ground
It's dinner time at Janet and James'
A 1950s Rock-Ola juke box
7"-tastic Rock-Ola
Shiny mirror
James queues up some tracks
A nice spot of pink vinyl

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