Fred Gets a Haircut - February Misc, Suffolk - 21st February 2010

It's time for Fred to lose his "Einstein hair" and get the hair he's had since birth trimmed to more sensible proportions. So off we trundle to Ipswich, where Nosher gets his own hair cut, for a bit of a family hair-fest. Then, the following weekend or so, The BBs are headlining a gig at the Corn Hall in Diss. It's part of a sequence of events re-launching the place as a bit of a venue, and while, at first, we're a bit worried that the large-but-young crowd might all bugger off after the second band Vanilla kick/These Ghosts (who are about a third the collective age of the BBs) it turns out to be a great gig with a very enthusiastic reception. Finally, we head to the coast to see the sea at East Lane in Bawdsey. However it's lashing with rain and blowing a gale, so Isobel and The Boy are not keen so we de-camp instead to the nearby Oyster Inn at Butley for a spot of lunch in a nice old pub with a fire. Proper wintry Sunday stuff.

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Fred models his mad hair for the almost-last time
Fred in his Ireland rugby shirt, roams around in Antonio Giovanni's in Ipswich
The final outing for Fred's long hair
Isobel holds Fred as his locks are trimmed
Nicky sorts The Boy's hair out
A newly-shorn boy
Fred wanders around the big empty floor of the Corn Hall, Diss
Fred watches as the bands sound-check
The BBs and Vanilla Kick hang out
Callum, off of Vanilla Kick, plugs his pedal board in
Vanilla Kick/These Ghosts action
Callum gives it some
The bass guitar dude
The back of Callum's head
Whilst "packing down", Nosher spots a cool pattern on the wall from the coloured spotlights
Fred and Isobel try and avoid the fierce wind
A stormy sea and a Martello tower, East Lane, Bawdsey
Partisan graffiti
A curious WW2 concrete construction: wrought iron at the top pronounces "Prisoner of War"
The decaying concrete tower states "adios radios"
Isobel and The Boy wait, parked on the muddy lane
Fred the Head eats crackers and cheese in the Oyster Inn, Butley
A contented Fred, Butley Inn
Outside the pub, a random "scarecrow" dressed in a Cambridgeshire karate suit kicks out at the chicken-wire fence

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