Fred and the Derelict Church, Norfolk - 13th December 2009

Fred's walking about, and stages his first big trek (across the floor) whilst we're in Amandines Cafe, much to the delight of his fan club. Later, there are a couple of vacant shops to be spotted in Diss: firstly, we wander past Victoria Wine, and later past what was once "Baby Den". On Sunday, we head out to Carleton Rode to finally pick up the remaining 4 cases of this year's apple-juice harvest, before returning to a spot that Nosher last visited by bike some 20 years before: a derelict church near Tivetshall St. Mary

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Fred's at a party in Roydon
Fred and his fake tie
It's Farmer's Market day in Diss again
Fred bashes randomly at some toy, in Amandines
Success! Something pings up on Fred's toy
Fred gets his feet on
An empty Victoria Wine shop in Diss
The empty Baby Den shop
Selling off bits of a business
Fred roams around on his Trundle Truck
Fred shows off his wellie boots, whilst we pick up apple juice from Greenwood's
Christening wellie boots in proper farmyard muck
Hiding out from the rain, Fred eats a banana
The derelict church of St. Mary's, Tivetshall, Norfolk
Isobel and Fred poke about
The ruined nave of St. Mary's
Not much has changed in 20 years
St. Mary's, Tivetshall, a tree and some nice crepuscular rays
Crepuscular rays

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