BSCC Christmas Dinner, Brome, Suffolk - 5th December 2009

It's time for the annual bike club Christmas nosh-up at the club's home - the Swan Inn, Brome. Even though Nosher had only been on about three rides, we still get an invite. First, though, it's to Ipswich for a hair cut...

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Ipswich town center and the tree
Isobel roams around Tavern Street, outside the Great White Horse Hotel - half of which is now a Starbucks. Gah.
The other half of the GWH Hotel is now a tat shop
Apple and DH "Raffles" at the bar
Apple's "mystic fish" tells him that he's a sex dynamo
Alan does a speech
The Boy Phil takes a photo of some pickled eggs
The international massive: Isobel, Carmen and Martina
Phil and Bill play with Matthew and some string
John Willy, Spam, Jill and Colin

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