Latitude Festival 20009, Henham Park, Suffolk - 20th July 2009

Nosher and Isobel had done the first Latitude festival back in 2006, and most excellent it was too: small enough, quirky, and with a refreshing lack of lagered-up festival knob-wits (due to the lack of beer from certain well-known keg-fizz purveyors perhaps?). The intervening two were missed through a) inaction and b) sprognation, but we finally got round to the fourth, with Fred in tow and a couple of tents. The festival is similar in extent, but has a lot more attendees and is missing a couple of smaller music tents, but it's still easily the nicest festival going, with its off-mainstream range of music and laid-back atmosphere. Fred takes to his first full-on camping experience pretty well, even though he likes waking up at 5am. Captions to follow.

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