A Panorama of Plymouth

small thumbnail of Smeaton's Tower, Plymouth HoeThis is a stitched-together sequence of digicam images taken whilst standing at the top of Smeaton's Tower on Plymouth Hoe (the former Eddystone Rock lighthouse which was moved stone-by-stone to the Hoe when the new Eddystone lighthouse was built). It shows around 220° from West Hoe, all the way over Plymouth and around to Mountbatten Point. Hover your mouse over the buttons to scroll automatically (requires JavaScript and iframes support), or just drag the scroll-bars around to pan the image.

Because this image was taken in December, there aren't that many people about and the colours are a little bit muted. The nature of the camera lens is such that there's a certain amount of "spherical distortion" going on, so each "tile" doesn't always perfectly join the next :-(

Also available: large image version (6796x1454px, 815kb) or an annotated version (6796x1454px, 850Kb).