Hamish and Jane's Wedding, Canford School, Wimborne, Dorset - August 1998

Nosher drives down to Wimborne for Hamish's wedding. On arriving, the car's battery is knackered and so requires a replacement (probably due to the Alpine sound-system banging away throughout the journey). Nosher is staying in a nice little B&B, where the owner's children watch fascinated as Nosher irons a shirt. It's a scorching day, and the gig is at nearby Canford School - an independent school in Wimborne that doubles as a wedding venue during school holidays.

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Hamish hosts a bit of pre-wedding wine tasting round his gaff in Highcliffe
Canford School
Sean and Simon (right) hang around before the wedding
Sean lifts up Simon's kilt
Wedding guests are seated
Jane's dad leads her up the aisle
The ceremony progresses
Hamish gives Jane a snog
Jane and Hamish, signing the register
Confetti gets thrown over Hamish and Jane
Family snapshot: Hamish's clan
A group photo: lots of men in kilts
Hamish and his parents, with Jane
Hamish and Jane
Hamish, Jane and Hamish's dad
Wedding dinner
John (Hamish's dad) pipes around the cake
Hamish and Jane cut the cake
Jane and Hamish do the first dance thing
Wedding dancing
Martin, Simon, Nosher, Carole and Sean mess about
The compulsory wedding-disco moment of mystery floor-slapping to the Hues Corporation
Hamish's former next-door neightbours from New Milton
Outside, men in kilts do a bit of rope skipping
The crowd forms a traditional exit tunnel of arms

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