Diss Horticultural Society Flyer, 1894

I found this rolled up into a ball and stuffed behind the bressumer (the oak beam above an inglenook fireplace) - presumably to fill in the small gap that was there - almost one-hundred years to the day that it was printed.

It's a flyer for the Diss Horticultural Society's Jubilee Year exhibition, held at Hall Hills, Diss on 3rd July 1894. Entrance cost 1 shilling. The flyer was printed by E. Cupiss, Printer and Bookbinder, of Diss - the firm Francis Cupiss Ltd is still going strong. The company is also famous for their horse constitution powder and "Horse Balls". At the top of the flyer can be made out the words "Sub paid HW...".

Diss Horticultural Society Flyer